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Hello, I'm Kaylin Ginnetti 

I'm the breeder behind CKS Goldens located in South Sioux City, NE. From the big screen to everyday life goldens have always fascinated me. Their willingness to learn and their compassion is something to be admired. I had the notion that I wanted a golden for our daughter because she has had developmental delays, and speech issues among other things. So, I wanted a dog just to help us out as a family and I knew that a golden would be perfect. With the way Piper is with my family and how much help she is to my daughter I wanted to be able to help other families who need service animals.

I'm a dog trainer.  I train dogs and puppies in basic, intermediate,  and advanced obedience as well as service dog training. There is a lot that goes into training and socializing a puppy into adulthood. My specialty is placing dogs and puppies into homes where they have a job to do. Weather it be for physical or mental health issues.

All of our Golden Retrievers are put through training from the time they come home and are registered service animals. We go to hospitals, nursing homes, and outings to socialize with the sick, elderly,  and everything in between. We also go to schools to teach children what a service animal is, what they do, what their jobs are, and the Dos and Don'ts with interacting with them. It has been a pleasure spreading joy in our community with our dogs.  

We not only provide service animals, we also place puppies in homes as pets as well.  When our dogs aren't working they love to go for car rides, on hikes, having doggie play dates, swimming, and playing in the backyard with our children and other visitors. 

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