How To Groom A Golden Retriever


It’s Time To Learn How To Groom A Golden Retriever! These Fluffy Puppies Need Quite A Lot Of Coat Care, But It’s Probably Not As Hard Work As You Expect. We’ll Show You How To Groom A Golden Retriever Easily.

The beautiful Golden Retriever is one of the most popular and best loved dog breeds. They are a famously loving, gentle and devoted canine companion. The breed is also admired for that lovely golden coat. You know, the one that gave the Golden Retriever its name! Sharing your life with a Golden can bring you countless hours of joy, but will you also be spending countless hours grooming your dog’s coat? The Golden Retriever is known as a shedder, and regular grooming is required. But there’s no need to spend tons of money at the dog grooming salon. You also don’t have to be intimidated by the idea of grooming your Golden at home yourself. We’ll tell you all you need to know about Golden Retriever grooming. Including tips on how to groom a Golden Retriever and advice on buying the best Golden Retriever grooming tools.

Golden Retriever coat

When considering this brilliant breed, one of the first questions that springs to mind is inevitably how to groom a Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever has a coat that’s striking to look at, but what is it about a Golden’s fur that makes it prone to shedding and in need of regular brushing? The Golden has a medium length double coat. The top coat is dense and water repellent, and the undercoat is substantial. Goldens, like other animals with undercoats, go through seasonal shedding, often called “blowing the coat.” This means that the undercoat will grow thick in cold weather and shed in warm weather. The Golden also has longer fur, called feathering, on some areas of the body, particularly the neck, back of the legs, under body, and tail. But all this fur doesn’t mean you are going to need to rush off to the poodle parlor every five minutes.

How to groom a Golden Retriever at home

Let’s talk about how to brush a Golden Retriever with different kinds of brushes and combs. Should you use an undercoat rake on your Golden? We’ll look at the pros and cons of this popular grooming tool. One hard and fast rule shared by all professional groomers is to never shave your Golden. Your dog needs that double coat year-round. Plan on a daily 10 minute brushing session at minimum. Loner hair Goldens known as a show coat will require more frequent grooming. Outdoor grooming can reduce the amount of loose fur in the house. You can also use this grooming time to check your dog’s skin and body for hot spots or lumps. And of course, to bond with your pup! Make sure your Golden’s grooming routine includes regular nail trimming, tooth brushing, and ear cleaning. Before you start trimming your dog’s coat, be sure that the fur is clean and thoroughly dried. If you are blow drying it is recommend blow drying it in the direction of the hair growth.

Golden Retriever grooming tools

What is the best brush for Golden Retriever dogs? What other grooming tools do you need besides a brush? Your basic grooming kit should contain a brush, comb. Let’s look at each tool in more detail.

Golden Retriever brush

Most experienced Golden groomers like using a slicker brush. A slicker brush has a wide surface covered in pins. It’s also called a pin brush. Sometimes the pins are bare, and sometimes they have rubber tips (I prefer the ones with rubber tips). Slicker brushes are a great choice for working through the mats of loose hair in medium to long coated dogs like the Golden. Bristle brushes are better suited to dogs with shorter coats, but can still be used on Goldens in addition to the slicker brush, if you like. 

Golden Retriever comb

Choose a good quality steel comb for your grooming kit. Combs are great for putting the finishing touches on your Golden after brushing.

Golden Retriever grooming styles

An untrimmed Golden Retriever has thick, long hair on areas like the neck, tail, and legs. A properly groomed Golden should look neat, with the thickest hair on the neck, tail, and legs/feet. It’s important to remember that a Golden’s thick undercoat works as insulation in the winter. The undercoat will be much thinner in the summer, but leaving the top coat intact will protect your Golden from sun and heat.


Grooming a Golden Retriever puppy

Are there are special grooming tips for Golden Retriever puppies? How to groom a Golden Retriever puppy is similar to how to groom a Golden Retriever adult – but with more of a focus on getting your pup familiar with the process. If you are planning on using a blow dryer (we do not) get your puppy used to being dried with a blow dryer after baths. It’s also a good idea to handle the paws so your puppy becomes comfortable with nail cutting. Many puppies will view the brush as a chew toy and try to play with it. Reward good behavior during brushing sessions…and relax, they will outgrow this and enjoy brushing when older!

Best brush for Golden Retriever puppy

You can buy small, gentle slicker brushes for your Golden Retriever puppy. This slicker brush is designed for puppies, small dogs, cats, and even rabbits. You can change the direction of the pins for both grooming and massaging.

Golden Retriever Grooming

Grooming your Golden can be a pleasurable bonding experience for both you and your dog! With the right tools and a little bit of practice, any Golden owner can give their dog a pro-quality grooming at home. Regular brushing will keep your Golden Retriever’s double coat mat-free and in top condition…in shedding season and all year long. Look for good quality slicker brushes, steel combs. Most Golden experts do not recommend heavy duty shedding tools. Your Golden Retriever’s coat will not need a haircut, and remember to never shave, trim, or cut your dog, even in summer. The goal of good grooming is to neaten your Golden’s long feathery fur, but not to drastically change the overall appearance.