What People Say

Davis Family

I have had lots of time to watch Kaylin with her dogs...and puppies.She is very loving, yet firm when she needs to...they get much love and affection. I was lucky...by being nearby my puppy actually picked me and I can't wait to start our journey ♡♡♡


Lisk Family

We got a female puppy from CKS, and the process was very smooth and great! Kaylin is very passionate and loving about the puppies and she raises them just like a family until you get them! She gave us pictures of the puppy until she came to our home, useful info about medications, and so on! We couldn’t be happier! Now we have even more joyful life with Ella, our puppy. I highly recommend you get a Golden puppy from CKS!


Lingle Family

We love our puppy from CKS! Kaylin was very communicative through the process and constantly posted pictures and videos so we could see her growing up the first 9 weeks. Highly recommend getting your next Golden from her!


Harmon Family

Very loving and sweet. Communication is terrific and the pups are gorgeous!


Marsha Family

I recently bought a Golden Retriever puppy and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I live in New Hampshire so the fact that she was willing to meet half way made the process so much better. I really didn’t want a puppy that needed to be flown. The supplies that came with my puppy were phenomenal. I find the follow up information that she posts helpful as each stage comes up. The pictures that she provide along with the videos from birth to pick up were also a plus. I really loved the little color coordinated blanket and collar. Hope is a wonderful addition to our family and she certainly loves the water. Thanks for the beautiful puppy we love her so much.

New Hampshire 

Bue Family

We got our gorgeous pup from CKS Goldens.  Kaylin was great at sending pics, videos, and information about the puppies as they were growing up their first 9 weeks.  She answered any questions that we had about shots, food, etc.  She was very helpful. 


Fergin Family

We are very happy with our puppy from CK Goldens, she has become a great addition to our family.  They have healthy and beautiful puppies who are well socialized.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a golden puppy.


Goodson Family

I lost my 10 year old Golden suddenly on April 10th. I must have had an angel looking out for me because just by chance I got ahold of CKS Goldens whom I'd never talked to before. She just happened to have a puppy. Kaylin delivered him to us personally approximately a week after I lost my Finny. Kaylin is very professional and caring about where her babies go and who they go to. He's a God send to us. Very smart and a beautiful example of a Golden Retriever. Hes 9 months old and we Love him soo much. He still has things to learn but he will learn all of his life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts kaylin for our baby King Arthur ~ Archie