Hello, my name is Snow, I weigh ninety pounds.   My favorite person is my mom, she says that I am the doggie version of the love of her life. I think everything is fun, interesting, as you can see I am also a cuddle bug. I will do anything to please my mom, she always has the best treats on hand. I love our outings no matter where we are going. I love showing off my training and talents. Having puppies is interesting, but I like to watch them more. When I'm not working or watching over the puppies, I am with my mom. Wherever she goes I follow. 

Testing Information

OFA & Genetic Testing Results

OFA Ratings

  • Good Hips
  • Normal Elbows
  • Clear eyes

Genetic Testing Clear

  •  ICH (Skin Condition)
  •  MD (Muscular Dystrophy )
  •  GRPRA1, GRPRA2, PRCD (Vision loss) 
  • NCL (Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses)